Northeast Florida Innovators Welcome Local Angel Investors

What do you do when you have a group of top-notch, crazy smart angel investors who lack only one thing – information about the crazy smart, innovative startups in their region? You put them together, that’s what!

On the advice of Bill Prescott of Heritage Capital and other local gurus, JAXCoE hosted the first ever Northeast Florida Angel Investor Summit. The event took place in March at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra.

Jacksonville startups VinnyRestroom Alert, Neuroinitiative, and Moment Strong pitched their ideas to an audience including over 40 angels and various ecosystem leaders. The event was co-hosted by JaxCoE and the Florida Angel Nexus and sponsored by JaxBridges, Ignite, and the Ponte Vedra Recorder

The event paid off in many ways. Investors and innovators connected professionally and socially, enriching our community and creating new opportunities. Angels enlarged their network of fellow investors over lunch, including visitors from Orlando and Gainesville.

Blaire Martin and Kathy Chiu of Florida Angel Nexus provided valuable information about the state of angel investing in Florida. Kelly Dyer of SourceFuse and Bill Prescott spoke knowledgeably about opportunities to invest in local startups. Girlie Salgueiro of OodonPop, Dara Gourley of Red House Advertising & Marketing, Ed Baldwin of Profile Gorilla, Isabelle Killian of TADA Language, Raquel Steffens of Bucket Wish, Anthony Catanese of  Ignite, and Kate Stewart of Savvy Founder volunteered.

The summit was very popular with both angels and founders. At their request, JAXCoE will host a second summit in May and again in the fall of 2015. We expect this to become a regular activity serving our innovation ecosystem. JAXCoE thanks everyone who was involved in the success of this community event!