Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

Research shows that most people who run websites have little understanding of search engine optimization. Some start off thinking that it is so simple and end up feeling disappointed once they realize that they only have a few visits on their page.

SEO involves increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic, resulting in the exposure of your brand through organic search engine results.

What people do not keep in mind is that SEO is about both people and the search engines.

It is more about understanding your target audience in depth such that you know what they are searching for online, what words they are using in their search, what content they like to consume as well as what answers they are seeking.

Being able to optimize search engines is a skill that website owners need to learn. Investing in search engine optimization will save you a lot of dollars that you would have otherwise used in advertising.

If you understand your customer’s needs and find a way of attracting them to your website, you will be surprised at how your customer base will increase, without you having to pay to advertise your products online.

Below are some SEO basics


The most critical thing in search engine optimization is identifying what exactly you want to optimize. This involves identifying the words customers are searching for frequently and finding ways of ensuring that they find your site, once they search for a particular product or service.

Knowing the keywords to target on your site is not easy. You need to do some background research.

First, try to find out how many people are searching for that word. Note that, the more people are searching for a particular word, the higher the chance of you reaching that audience and vice versa.

If you find that few people search for a specific keyword, it means that if you choose to target that keyword, there will be no audience for you.

While focusing on the keyword, ensure that the words you select are relevant to your business. You don’t want your product or service to show up for searches that have nothing to do with your business.

Note that the title and page header are great spots to put your keywords.


For you to increase traffic, you have to ensure that the content you put out there offers useful information to the users, is updated frequently and exciting to the users.

Good content will attract customers from different locations, and this will drive more traffic to your site. If you are not producing relevant and exciting content to your potential customers, do not expect clients to spend their time on your website to learn about your service or product.

Strive to create quality content because this is one of the vital ranking signals for search engine algorithms.

Also, since Google is valuing customer engagement and user experience metrics, you have to be smart in this game. Work to ensure that your content engages and answers the questions searchers are asking for.

Through this, you will find that customers visit your site in a pursuit to have their questions answered. Furthermore, ensure your page is not accompanied by aggressive ads which might discourage searchers from engaging with you.

Friendly URLs

It is vital that your site’s URL structure is short and precise such that it becomes easy to copy and paste. Creating a short descriptive URL will go a long way in driving more traffic to your site.

Customers may become less interested if they have to deal with long URLs every time they are doing a search. Moreover, avoid changing your page’s URLs if you don’t have to.

When you are setting up your page URL, make sure you do it right from the start.

Construct the URL in a logical and readable manner.

Ensure whatever you choose is descriptive because descriptive URLs tend to include target keywords.

Without a doubt, search engine optimization is competitive. Everyone is struggling to attract the most customers to increase sales. The best you can do is work on your search engine skills to ensure you drive sustainable traffic to your website.

Remember the efforts you work at accumulate, and the traffic increases with time.

Follow the above advice if you want to attain high search volumes. As long as you are well informed about SEO, and you implement the above advice, you will get results.