Jacksonville Community of Entrepreneurs – Jacksonville’s SEO Knowledge Database

JAXCOE is the home for Jacksonville entrepreneurs looking to build successful businesses online.

We’re putting together this resource to help you weed out all of the junky online offers out there and to help protect yourself from being taken advantage when starting your own online business.

So with this resource at your finger tips you can stop putting off your success and take a leap of faith today!

This labor of love is being birthed into a place of value to our Jacksonville neighbors.

Over the last number of years we’ve hated everytime we heard about someone taking a risk to start their own business, only to find out that the resource they invested $$$$$’s out of their own pockets ended up being a scam, a bust, or less then what was promised to them.

Don’t waste the money you’ve spent hundreds of hours laboring for. Find out the systems that really work and invest your time and money into those and through that investment start your online path to a successful Internet based business.

We look forward to serving you!